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B2B ecommerce (when both parties involved in an ecommerce transaction are businesses) represents more revenue and more transactions in the market than B2C ecommerce. Shipping-and-Handling.com has extensive expertise in B2B Fulfillment and is here to help.

If you need to maintain inventories of physical product and quickly ship to your customers, distribution centers, satellite offices, worksites, chapters, and/or suppliers then S&H can efficiently and accurately provide solutions. As the demand rises for more rapid and accurate delivery cycles, the ability to manage storage, fulfillment, and transportation becomes mission critical for most businesses.

Shipping-and-Handling.com currently exceeds the expectations for many diverse B2B fulfillment companies. Examples include:
  • Promotional and/or printing materials to businesses with multiple locations.
  • Training materials to business and non-profits with multiple Chapters throughout the country.
  • Retail store displays, signage & packaging supplies.
  • Distribution of product to multiple distribution centers, Amazon FBA or retail locations for end sale to consumers.
  • Distribution to the Large Box Stores and EDI Integration.
  • Providing products to a specific industry.
  • Everyday products meant for businesses (Office supplies, paper, equipment, toner, etc.)

Look to the services and expertise of Shipping-and-Handling.com to help your B2B operations to be competitive, efficient, lower costs and increase sales. Reduce your investment into infrastructure and staff, reduce the costs of fulfillment, and have the peace of mind that scalability will not be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Whatever the situation, give us a call at (904) 733-0667 and we’ll be able to find you a solution.

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