Our Distribution Center Service Will Help You Set the Stage in the Southeast

It can be difficult finding a partner in distribution. Get ahead of the game with Shipping-and-Handling.com. There are many ways to utilize our services. The most common integration is where we provide the warehouse space and labor, you provide the product and system. You'll train our personnel on how to use your system and we make sure your processes and procedures are followed.

Case Study:
LMI Solutions

LMI Solutions provides after market toner and was looking to provide next day delivery in the Southeast. Based out of Phoenix, AZ, their options were limited until they found us. They were up and running five months after initial contact.

The five months consisted of:
  • Settling on an agreement beneficial to both companies
  • Equipment shipments
  • Infrastructure build out (dedicated internet and electrical, all coordinated between SAH, LMI, and contractors)
  • Product shipments
  • Personnel training

It was a seamless transition and they're now able to offer next day shipments to their customers in the Southeast.

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