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We Are Order Fulfillment Experts

What is Order Fulfillment?
Order fulfillment is where the rubber meets the road in the commerce world. It's not just about ecommerce order fulfillment but product fulfillment in general. When a customer orders a product whether it be online, through a catalog, or in a store, the order fulfillment process must take place. Products need to be packaged and either handed over directly to the customer or to the carrier that will deliver it to the customer. This is arguably the most critical point in the commerce lifecycle because it leaves a lasting impression on the customer. So how can you ensure a successful order fulfillment experience for your customers? It's simple! Just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 - Send your product to our warehouse

    We are able to receive your product by any of the following methods:
  • Step 2 - We get notification of your orders

    The preferred method of order retreival is through direct integration with your online cart.

    Don't see your cart listed? We're also able to integrate with generic files (.xml, .csv, and .xslx) and a generic module.
  • Step 3 - Our trusted fulfillment teams pick, pack, and ship your orders

    Your team will fulfill your orders according to your instructions. It will be just as if you were the one doing the fulfillment.

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