Pick Pack Ship

Pick Pack and Ship Services – How It All Works

#1 Storage

We provide secure warehousing with storage allocated to your needs. For example, storage space for books can be per book, per case of books or per pallet of cases. We will receive your merchandise, inspect for any apparent damage, unpack multi-SKU cartons and store. You will get a receiving report by email so that you can record the inventory as available for shipping.

#2 Pick & Pack

We integrate with your current customs, practice and software. We do not require you to use our software, website, marketing partners, merchant services, shopping cart or shipping preference.

  • Assemble and pack your merchandise
  • Pick and pack multiple SKU's into one order
  • Label your presealed boxed merchandise
  • Integrate with your working practices and software
  • Provide order management reports

#3 Ship

Once you release your customers order, we arrange shipment via the carrier of your choice. Tracking emails can be automatically sent to your customers. Orders Released by Noon, EST ship same day. While all of this can be done automatically, we realize that often you may wish to check on something. We are never too busy that we cannot speak to you personally!

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