Our Fulfillment Pricing

We get it, you're here to find the most detailed pricing information available without having to talk to someone or fill out a 50 page questionnaire. Below is our standard pricing followed by a pricing calculator for order processing and storage.

  • No set up fee
  • No monthly minimums
  • Receiving: $10/pallet (48x40x60), $3/small parcel, and $450/floor loaded container
  • Storage: as low as $10/month per average pallet (48x40x60)
  • Kitting: $30/hour
  • Hang tags: $0.25/ea
  • Labels: $0.15/ea
  • Returns: same as the fulfill rate.
  • Admin fee: $40/month

Pricing Calculator

Our fulfillment rates are determined by the size and complexity of the product. The general rule of thumb is that larger and more complex products require more attention.

This calculator is for estimating purposes only. For an accurate quote, contact us or give Jennifer a call at (904) 733-0667.

Product Size:
Product Complexity:
Estimated fulfillment cost:
Monthly bill estimator

Average number of orders per month:
Average number of items per order:
Average number of pallets:
Pallet fee:

Estimated average monthly invoice, including admin fee:
We offer a lot more than just the basics!

  • Courier service
  • Detailed quality inspection
  • Picture taking
  • EDI Processing
  • Complex assembly
  • Virtual Office
  • Discounted LTL domestic trucking
  • International shipping with DHL @ 30% off published rates
  • Basic admin services (phone answering, reports, customer service)
  • Advanced admin (sales, accounting, etc.)
  • Our 3rd party vendors can help you with custom boxes, printing, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, drayage, etc.

Let’s discuss exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll put together a cost effective solution that will allow you to focus on growth and driving sales.

Call us now at (904) 733-0667 or fill out our contact form.

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