Our Fulfillment Pricing

For the majority of our clients, there are 6 basic service/pricing elements -
  • receiving from as low as $5/pallet
  • storage from as low as $6 per pallet position per month
  • pick/pack from as low as $1 per item
  • negotiated carrier shipping rates or use your carrier
  • materials – take advantage of our vendor accounts and possibly save on materials
  • standard returns

We offer a lot more than just the basics!

  • labeling
  • detailed quality inspection
  • picture taking
  • kit building / kitting
  • RMA process / returns management
  • hangtags
  • EDI Processing
  • Complex assembly
  • Virtual Office
  • SKU / UPC / Bar Code creation/admin
  • discounted LTL domestic trucking
  • International shipping with DHL @ 30% off published rates
  • courier service
  • basic admin services (phone answering, reports, customer service)
  • advanced admin (sales, accounting, etc.)
  • DVD / CD replication/duplication
  • general labor
  • web / shopping cart / development / integration
  • social media
  • 3rd party work includes custom boxes, printing, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, drayage, etc.

Again, we can do a great deal for you, just about anything you ask, we’re doing it.

Call us now at (904) 733-0667 or fill out our contact form.

Let’s discuss exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll put together cost effective options for service that will allow you to focus on growth and driving sales.

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