Let Manage
Your Returns

Unfortunately, the shipping business is not a perfect science and returns are part of the process. Each of our customers has some type of returns policy in order to maximize customer service while at the same time keeping returns costs to a minimum .

Fortunately, we are here to help make those returns a little less painful. For a negotiated fee, we will handle all of your returns. You can rest assured that your product will be handled with the same impeccable care upon its return to our warehouse that it received on its way out. We can assist you in formulating a details RMA process or putting together a simple return process to meet your needs.We can handle the following:
  • Customers returning product who just want something different, or it is a gift that is not exactly right for them.
  • Damaged items to be sent back to manufacturer for rebate.
  • Repackaging items in good condition whose boxes are damaged due to shipping.
  • Re-adding the item to inventory.
  • Sending the item back to you, our client, should you wish to inspect it yourself.
  • Contacting you upon the item's arrival and forming a plan of action from there.
And many more scenarios.

Handling a return properly and expediently can not only keep that customer happy - a smooth process can help you lock in a customer for life.

Let us help you not only process outgoing shipments, but incoming ones as well. We promise we will help you make those customers as happy as the ones keeping what they receive originally.

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